OFWNurse102: How to Become a HAAD-RN (Dataflow)

When I recently started as a nurse in my previous work in the Philippines, I overheard that one of the senior nurse is going to take the HAAD examination and that he is currently on the Dataflow part of the processing. What first came to mind is a set of diagrams with arrows. (Silly me) … Continue reading OFWNurse102: How to Become a HAAD-RN (Dataflow)


Playing Volleyball! INC Unity Games 2017

Last month, I started practicing for volleyball with my sister. But the initial practice proved to be the last one because I never attended again. Why? Because the ball hurts! For days, my forearms was studded with bruises. I said that I would never play volleyball again! The day came, and we are short of one […]