OFWNurse102: How to Become a HAAD-RN (Dataflow)

When I recently started as a nurse in my previous work in the Philippines, I overheard that one of the senior nurse is going to take the HAAD examination and that he is currently on the Dataflow part of the processing. What first came to mind is a set of diagrams with arrows. (Silly me) After a bit of asking, he mentioned that taking the HAAD exam became quite difficult because of it. 

I didn’t gave it much thought back then, but after I have gone through it, I want to disagree with him. Yes, it is a bit tedious but I think it is a necessary step. Dataflow ensures that all the documents submitted ar don’t know about you, but I grow annoyed everytime I learned that someone faked a document. Especially the COE. Here I am working my butt off in the hospital to earn those 2 year experience while someone goes to their relative doctor and ask for a 5 year experience! Oh my! Not good, brah!😀

Anyway, this post isn’t a detailed account of how to apply for dataflow. Many websites took care of that. These are some of my tips and insights. 

  • Before the start of the processing I got really confused at first. But Dataflow basically is just uploading all your documents in the Dataflow website, paying their fees and waiting.
  • My application process was overall smooth. It took about one and a half month to be processed.
  • There are certain documents like the sponsorship documents, CID clearance and letter of authorization that if you are a self applicant, you need to download sign and reupload.
  • If asked for the your specialty, e.g. OR, ER, NICU, just choose ‘Registered Nurse’ since this is the safest and fastest way. It won’t affect applications.
  • The best browser to use is Internet Exploret 7, 8 or 9. Beacuse some features won’t show in other browsers. You don’t have it? Download it!
  • If you have any relatives in UAE, you can ask to use their contact numbers so that you can use it once you are filling up forms.
  • There will be four major categories that will be checked. If my memory serves right, these are, Employment, College Certificate, Certificate of Good Standing and the PRC License. Dataflow will directly call your university, HR and PRC respectively.
  • It is good to have a good relationship with your HR, or a good attitude at work overall. I’ve encountered someone who was disapproved because of tardiness and other negative feedback mentioned by the HR.
  • Use an application like Dropbox and upload your documents in it. Afterwards sync these documents so that when you are uploading in the Dataflow or HAAD website, you can access it anywhere with ease.
  • Use an application like CamScanner to scan documents instead of paying per document in scanning machines which most are not capable of scanning legal sized documents.

For any additional questions and queries just post a reply and I’ll see right to it.
Please share, like and comment so others can benefit from these tips!πŸ˜„
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