Playing Volleyball! INC Unity Games 2017

Last month, I started practicing for volleyball with my sister. But the initial practice proved to be the last one because I never attended again. Why? Because the ball hurts! For days, my forearms was studded with bruises. I said that I would never play volleyball again!

The day came, and we are short of one player. We would be placed on default if I didn’t play and so I did. I won’t waste all the players effort practicing to be just removed from play in the end.

Though a true beginner, I enjoyed the game. Thankfully, the ball was a bit more forgiving that time. I’m even looking forward for more games of volleyball!

April 8 is also my sister’s birthday. She invited friends from our church and we had a lovely time. She prepared the dishes with the help of myself and my sister in-law.


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