OFW Nurse 102: How to Become a HAAD-RN (PQR)

Disclaimer: Information in this blog is based on data I have mostly acquired in the web and from my own experiences, I may or may not include some details that are wholly accurate or updated, if you have any concerns and corrections please feel free to contact me.

You will often see this acronym thrown around forums discussing the HAAD license. PQR means Professional Qualification Requirement. In this article, I will talk about what these requirements are and how to obtain them. For those who love to read long and official files (hey, no one’s judging) here is the official document in the HAAD website.

  1. Graduate of a nursing degree
  2. Valid PRC License
  3. BLS Certificate
  4. Minimum two years clinical experience
  5. Additional documents:
    • High School Diploma
    • College diploma with Certificate of Authentication and Verification (CAV)
    • Official Transcript of Records with Certificate of Authentication and Verification (CAV)
    • Board certificate
    • Certificate of good standing from PRC
    • Certification of Passing and Rating
    • PRC ID
    • COE
    • Passport
    • Passport size photo


Of course, you have to be a graduate of nursing from a nationally accredited university or college. Bachelor’s or Master’s degree are both good.


It is best to have an updated PRC license, at least still valid for a year. It is very inconvenient to have an expired license that you need to renew while on the process of  obtaining your HAAD license.


BLS Certificate should be obtained through AHA accredited centers only. This is needed at the Pre Licensing stage onwards so you can obtain it on a later date.


This is a rather controversial topic starting 2017. There have been a circulating news that the minimum requirement is now updated to three years by Data Flow. HAAD still has not updated their requirement of two years, but as the Data Flow is the first step, how can you possibly go through it? Here is some pictures in FB.

Clinical experience constitutes experiences in the hospital, occupational and clinic setting. I know someone who used her RNHEALs experience, but of course this needs an internal agreement with the municipality or hospital you are working because RNHEALs experience is not valid.


I actually had my HS Diploma CAV’ed by DepED. Which, it turns out, was not necessary. (urgh!) The two 5 hour trip to my hometown is really tiring. And so dear, learn from my mistake.


I studied in an autonomous university so I handled the processing myself and brought it to the regional CHED and have it CAV’ed there. In my understanding, state and non-autonomous universities, process this themselves. Here is a blog post to how you can process your CAV documents.

At this stage, I also opt to prepare my documents for red ribbon and UAE attestation. These are both required on employment in UAE and since there is no expiration I decided to complete all my document in one go. Since I live outside the Metro, I used DHL Express to process both red ribbon and UAE attestation. If I’m not mistaken, red ribbon fee is Php500 each document and UAE attestation for both the College Diploma and TOR is Php2550. It takes longer of course and more expensive when you process it through DHL Express, but you won’t make the commute and wait for lines in the Metro.


All of these are available at PRC. In my case, the certificate of passing and rating are given to me right after I passed the NLE, so no problem there. Many are not familiar with the board certificate and often mistake it as one of the two. Here is an example. I got mine from PRC Baguio easily, I think I paid a fee of Php75 and another Php10 for the stamp. But I lost it, and if you wanted to get another copy, affidavit and additional fees are needed so I decided not to get  another one. As of today, I have not encountered a circumstance with a strong need for it.


Just make sure that your COE is always up to date and signed by the HR or your medical director. It would be nice to have a complete description and duties, bed capacity and other information, but it would not be required. Mine was just a short descriptive letter and nothing else and it still came through.

If you already resigned, make sure that an end date of employment is included and not just an ‘up to present’ detail.


Just like the PRC license, make sure that you do have a good amount of time before it expires because it may cause a problem if it expires while on the process.

All in all, depending on your schedule and dedication to accomplish these documents, it may take you 3 to 6 months.

I think that’s all! Follow my blog for notification on the next step on how to become a HAAD-RN.

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