OFWNurse 101: How to Become a HAAD-RN (Introduction)

If you could gather the Filipino nurses in one room, I am sure that all can agree that being a PH-RN is hard. But being an OFW RN is harder.

Let’s be honest, it is one of the major force that led us to the nursing path. The promise to someday go overseas and earn multitudes of money. This promise not only backfired, but also failed to mention that it will be difficult. The influx of nurses wanting to work overseas became so critical that may nursing graduates opt to just work in industries not really for them.

But there are nurses, who chose to push through these difficult times. Those who are underpaid and overworked. Much so, those overworked with no pay, ‘the volunteers’.

I am proud to be one of these nurses. And congratulations to you, my reader, for staying strong.

After passing my HAAD examination, I wanted to give back. The process sure was tough, but with the help of an online community, I manage to do it without having to pay agencies to assist me.

And so, as a way of showing my gratitude, I decided to make a comprehensive guide to become a HAAD-RN.

Most of my information are from the said website, just polished and filed appropriately to make it more understandable and concise.

Enough said, let’s start!

The website: PEF Community 

EDIT: This site has gone down. 😦 

Next: OFWNurse 101: How to Become a HAAD-RN (Basics)


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