Patch Testing: What is it and why should you do it?

Three months ago, I had made a post about  Korean products purchased at the Althea Korea website.I promised that I will be doing a separate review for each product I had bought.

I lied.

I had been devastated.

The beauty products that I hoped to glamorize me, as what it intended to do, sadly, broke me out. And not just your, ‘oh I have a cutesy pimple’ breakout, but ‘I intend to dominate your face and the whole world’ kind.

There is no one to blame but myself. Having the easy attitude and confidence that nothing will go wrong if I use a million products for the first time at once. I definitely learned my lesson.

During these desperate times, I had scoured the internet what went wrong. What I should have done instead. And like a high schooler with her homework’s deadline looming, there is only one solution. Research. Test and trial. In the world of skin, it simply is a patch test.

Oh, tears would had been saved. Woes would had been avoided if I did this first.

Forget your excitement over new beauty products in your hand. Forget running straight home after waltzing your way through aisle and aisle of beauty products you had bought from the mall. This is a vital step. Not only with people with acne prone skin, but also those possessing sensitive skin.

Patch test can save you from going through what I consider that worst case of acne in my life. It can save you visiting the local hospital having to consult to a doctor a newly puffed up face because of redness and allergies.

Though I agree that it is a bit troublesome and a burden to do. But it is worth it. Believe me.

So how is it done?

Apply a small amount of product on discreet areas, most preferably behind the ears or the side of the neck. Do this for 7 to 10 days and watch out for any redness, itchiness and other sign of allergic reaction, or if you are like me any new comedones and pimple to come through. If nothing happens within this time frame, then congratulations! You have not wasted your time and money buying this product, and you have definitely saved yourself a lot of heartbreaks.

But if you are like me, I rather not waste my money on something that after a patch test would just turn out to be an evil gooey acne producing product. And so comes the rather indispensable knowledge about different ingredients one can find on beauty products.

But who wants to read all those tiny ingredients, right? And so, I also found a very helpful website to help with this, too.

CosDNA is a website where you can search a product by its name and all the ingredients would be listed with numbers that would signify its comedogenic, irritation and safety property. Look past the rather untrustworthy website front, it will help you as it did with me. You can visit it here.


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